Another cool thing in jOrgan is that you can easily add stops and rename existing stops. Here's an example: in the Solo division there is a beautiful two-rank Unda Maris, sampled from the Dulciana Celeste at St Thomas, Huron Street in Toronto. I sometimes wished that I could use a super coupler with it to give it even more shine, but in genereal I decided not to have super or sub couplers on this organ. Instead, I simply created a new stop called Aetheria II 4'. In the software, I referenced the stop to the Unda Maris with an instruction to transpose it up 12 semitones.




I've also given some of the stops unusual names. For example, there is a Chime stop that actually sounds pretty good. On the screen, I renamed the Chimes to “Lengthy Sermon Gong”, hoping to make visiting preachers nervous.









I added a high-pitched mixture to the Swell, and couldn't really think of a good name for it – Zimbel? Petit Fourniture? Acuta? I thought about it and figured that since the function of that mixture is to add sizzle to the sound, I decided to call it “Sizzle III”.









The samples for the soundfonts are taken from real pipes, but there are a couple of stops that are not pipe samples. On the Solo, there is an orchestral oboe that is actually a sample of someone playing the oboe. If you hold the key down, vibrato sets in after a second. My former organ scholar thought this sounded simply yummy, so ... you guessed it, we call it “Yummy Oboe 8'”.