Quality digital organs use very unique loudspeakers, ones which are quite different from the sort of thing attached to your living room stereo. I purchased a set of fifteen speakers from the Phoenix organ company: seven small speakers, seven mid-size speakers, and one large subwoofer for the 32' stops.


I then removed the panelling from the back of the Kney pipe organ, providing open space through to the rear wall of the church. I attached seven sturdy shelves to the wall behind the Kney, and put one mid-sized speaker and one small speaker on each shelf. The sound projects through the pipe organ into the room.


The sub-woofer is very large, but the sound is non-directional so it can be placed anywhere in the room. I put it in the north transept with the speaker opening facing the wall about 12” away. This way the sound waves bounce off the wall and fill the whole church.


Looking at the inside of the console you can see the computer on the right (just a regular desktop computer), and the amplifiers on the left. The sound of the organ is produced in the computer through an M-Audio card with eight channels of sound.